PIPESHELVES.COM specializes in black iron pipe part, furniture and shelving.
We do custom orders of any size and sell the parts and pieces to make your own.
Our goal is to make it easy and affordable for people to build their own pipe shelves and pipe furniture. 
Black pipe and threaded pipe fittings are very versatile, it is used for home, commercial, retail and restaurant decor and fixtures, product shelving, wall shelves, pipe furniture, pipe shelves, steampunk pipe fixtures, and floating wall shelves. The list is endless, wether you are doing commercial gas piping or a DIY project we can supply you with the schedule 40 pipes and fittings.

For custom units and shipping contact us at info@pipeshelves.com


PIPE SHELVES DOT COM is an online store making it possible for people to have the knowledge and materials to build their very own black iron pipe furniture.