• Gassy Jack


    Gassy Jack
    TP Holder

    Vancouver Fact:

    John Deighton was the owner of The Globe Saloon which was first in New Westminster (1862-1867) then in the area now known as Gastown. Deighton was called Gassy Jack due to his talkative nature and storytelling which is where Gastown got it's name. There's a statue in  honour of him in Maple Tree Square. It's said that he told mill workers they could have all the whisky they want if they help him build his saloon, it went up in 24 hours.

    **All products come unfinished. Each pipe is coated with a thin layer of oil to keep from rusting during shipping. We recommend wiping them down thoroughly. You can paint them fun colours or leave them as-is. The shelf can be stained, painted or whatever your heart desires. Assembly required.